Those who work in agriculture and arable farming know all too well how annoying soil compaction is. Compaction of the soil comes from riding the ground with large and heavy equipment. Once this didn’t make much difference to the proceeds. We just used better crops, more manure and stronger stuff to work with the soil. But with that we are now at the max. We will have to use other solutions to keep the soil airy and fertile.

Today, mechanization is perfectly compatible with healthy soil. How? By Unrivaled Bed Cultivation (OBT). In other words: by driving on fixed tramways, so that as little as possible of the soil compacts. This gives more yield and a better quality crop. Plus that a farmer also has to make much less effort to tillage the soil. This gives you more workable days and, at the same time, more rest. Our MultiToolTrac does a great job with its wheels that can be adjusted in track width – the wider, the less compaction.


In fact, OBT is the only way to mechanize and still prevent soil compaction. Many farmers who do not see the result of OBT opt for broad tires. This creates an average compaction over the entire plot. Visually it provides a slightly different picture, but the real problems remain.

With OBT you limit the compaction to a much smaller area. That is of course already a huge profit. The soil structure is much better, the yield and quality turn out to be a lot higher and as a farmer you see the production costs (especially labor and fuel) decrease. And by applying OBT using the Multi Tool Trac, the benefits only get bigger. With this electrically driven tractor you can set the track to any desired width, for example at 3.25 meters. OBT through the so-called three-meter system is the best combination of scale, logistical capacity and manageability in everyday traffic.


Machines with three meters of track width were not for sale up to now. Self-building takes a lot of time and is difficult. That’s why seven farmers asked us to do that for them. Together we have developed the MultiToolTrac. This e-tractor has been specially built to get the maximum result from the three-meter OBT system. The share of driving tracks in relation to fertile soil is only 12 percent. In other words: no less than 88 percent of the soil remains airy, easy to work and fertile (and thus becomes 100 percent effective).

If you use the MultiToolTrac, the driving paths can be at any desired width. The choice for 3.25 meters was prompted by the (much) smaller loss of cultivation area. But 1.50 to 2.25 meters driving distance also fits on small-scale businesses.

Curious about what the MultiToolTrac has on board that makes farmers so happy? We are happy to list a few specifications for you. The e-tractor includes:

  • a front lift with PTO
  • a middle lift with PTO
  • a rear lift with PTO
  • a loading platform behind the cab (cab in the rear position)
  • a loading platform for the cabin (cabin in front position)
  • a frame that is suitable for attaching tools


At the request of the customer, there are also many additional options to be built in, such as:

  • wheelbase length between 3.50 and 5.50 meters
    larger width than the “standard” variable track width of 2.25 – 3.25 meters
    fixed track widths, at any desired width from 2.25 meters
    ground-free height from 80 centimeters