Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group

Is a group of innovative industrial companies.
Operating in a circular economy by means of recycling, (renewable) energy and e-motion.

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About OEM Group

The group supports and facilitates the connected subsidiaries with the developement of innovative techniques, products and services.

The group an active booster for new products, techniques or solutions and is reconized and renowened for her original and practical approach. The group strongly invests in equipment and company processes to maintain her technological lead in the market.

S4 Manufacturing is a developer and manufacturer of innovative energy storage systems. Along these systems is their latest innovativ flywheel technology called Kinext.

DeSpray Environmental is a daugther company of the OEM-Group, with over 35 years experience in machinebuilding and recycling of aerosols. Based on this experience, the newest “stand alone” system was developed. The system seperates, in a fully closed loop, the three core components, brick, fluid and gas. These components can be further recycled after that or re-used. By doing this, we prevent environmental unfriendly gasses to go to atmosphereThis system can be installed and commissioned within 5 days, including training.

Multi Tool Trac developed worlds first electrical driven fullscale agriculture tractor for farmers that want the best out of their soil. Because of accurate GPS stearing (with RTK support)the tractor always drives on exactly the same tracs year after year, leaving the soil in between undensed and in excelent conditionfor crop growth. On and under the frame all tools can be positioned below the long frame in sight of the driver. Besides these features, the tractor has a tracwidth adjustment and is four wheel driven and four wheel steered.

Dutch Sigma is a Joint Venture between Astron in Dwingeloo, Sumipro and Boessenkool in Almelo. The company developes optical devices and is an EPC contractor for large scale research facilities.

Drone4Agro is a company that developes drones for agriculture. The goal is provide a fully certified drone for use in agriculture with a lifting power of 500 kg. Because of these specifications the drone can be used for example for sample taking, spraying and furtilizing crop, etc.

Machinery manufacturer Boessenkool is a modern innovative machinery manufacturer and also large machining shop that is Proactive for prodigious engineering with a practicle approach in which three key elements form the basis: craftmanship, simply provide good solutions and a cooperation mentality of a real co-maker. Besides large machining the company offers certified welding, final treatment, assembly and testing on daily basis.

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