Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group

The Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group is a group of innovative industrial companies that focus on the circular economy through recycling, renewable energy and e-motion.


“Continuous efforts - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential”



Making people realise that they can design and create something great is one thing. Moving them to play their part in something they initially don’t support, is something else entirely. Their results make them motivated and proud of their shared achievements. And really, that’s what matters most.


“Success is a personal standard.”


  • Machinefabriek Boessenkool has developed a practical approach with three main elements: craftmanship, simply providing good solutions and cooperation mentality of a true co-maker. We constantly want to be in topshape for prodigious engineering.

    Machinefabriek Boessenkool has grown in the last century to a full scale supplier of parts and equipment, up to completed machines and products. With approx. 50 employees, that are active as well in fabrication, machining as in machinebuilding and some own products. We work for several international respective customers.

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  • We from DeSpray Environmental design and manufacture the most advanced Aerosol recycling technology offered anywhere in the world. We now hold multiple patents for this waste to energy solution.

    We are currently marketing this environmental super star globally and are considered industry leaders. The original idea formed in 2014 from the original concept of 100% aerosol recycling technology. We wanted to not only containerize the system to reduce footprint but also wanted to design the most efficient and effective system on the market. We achieve concept to full operating prototype in less than 18 Months.

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  • Drone4 aim was an alternative electrical heavy duty drone delivery. This creative thinking was developed and advanced to what we can now boast is the biggest payload and most efficient Drone on the market.

    This Mega drone has capabilities of over 500 Kg with flight times of up to 30 Minutes.We are currently working with Military and large scale delivery concepts as well as agricultural spraying. These specialty drones are fully programmable and GPS adaptable.

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  • Sigma is an initiative of Astrotec, Machinery Manufacturer Boessenkool and Sumipro Submicron Lathing; Proactive for prodigious engineering, Innovation in optics, Research and development for scientific instruments.

    SIGMA’s customers are among others: CERN, ESO ESRF, MIT Lawrence Levermore, NASA, ESTEC, THALES, STORK and SIEMENS.

  • For Farmers, the soil is their best friend. A Gift that needs to be nurtured.

    That’s our belief too, and that’s why we help farmers with new innovative ways to keep the soil healthy and maximize yield at the same time. By developing machines that enable Controlled Traffic Farming and are running on hybrid engines. Not just another tractor, but a versatile electric powertrain with excellent traction, super sight, adjustable track width, very fuel-efficient and GPS precision steering.

    We call it MultiToolTrac, and it gives you up to 20% higher yield with lower input and, equally important, a healthier soil. Just by letting the soil doing the work.

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  • S4 Manufacturing is a developer and manufacturer of innovative energy storage and peak shaving systems. Along the systems is the latest innovative flywheel technology called Kinext.

    In the modern world electric networks are constantly interrupted with peaks and valleys of electric power. These variances cause harm and disrupt clean electric service. Our team designed and manufactured a 1 ton Fly wheel system measuring 3 Metres in diameter with the capabilities of spinning at 1500 KM/Hr at its outer edge.

    The size and precision needed to accomplish this technical achievement was extremely rewarding. A single Flywheel can store and release 1 Mega Watt of power on and off in milliseconds. We have a fully operational multi system 5 Mega watt system installed on the grid at our facilities in the Netherlands.

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New Boessenkool building officially opened

New Boessenkool building officially opened

oktober 6, 2023

The new building of Machinefabriek Boessenkool was officially opened last Friday, October 6. It was a festive afternoon for relations and evening for our own employees, who were welcomed in one of the company’s own factory halls. After the official opening ceremony – a self-developed drone delivered a special key…

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Boessenkool’s contribution to the hydrogen transition of the Maxima power plant

Boessenkool’s contribution to the hydrogen transition of the Maxima power plant

september 28, 2023

Machinefabriek Boessenkool plays an important role in the energy industry in progressing towards a more sustainable future. Partly due to its innovative techniques and progressive approach to machining, Boessenkool has played a major role in the modification of the gas turbine of the Maxima power plant in Lelystad. The role…

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Then, now, later:</br>The rich history of Machinefabriek Boessenkool since 1902

Then, now, later:
The rich history of Machinefabriek Boessenkool since 1902

augustus 29, 2023

Machinefabriek Boessenkool is always ready for the future. Not only in terms of investments in the machinery or in terms of knowledge in trained personnel, but also the new office building and the completely new facade, after the sustainable renovation of the past period, are completely ready for today and…

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juni 21, 2023

Machinefabriek Boessenkool in Almelo intends to continue to invest, innovate and grow. It is therefore important that the staff develops along with it. The team must be aware of the latest developments and know how to deal with the latest machines and techniques. By continuing to invest in the machinery,…

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e-Horse: Boessenkool as a partner from idea to end product

e-Horse: Boessenkool as a partner from idea to end product

november 3, 2022

In our machinefactory in Almelo we perform various machining activities, but we are also innovative by converting ideas into designs and practical solutions. We are regularly asked to think along with our customers whether an idea on paper can actually become a product. We do not shy away from a…

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Eelco Osse


Winner of the Innovation Award 2018 and the Prince Friso Engineer Award 2019

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